A Brief History of the Légers!

The Légers and Real Estate:
A Story of Passion, Tradition and Innovation

The fascinating and rewarding story of the relationship between the Léger family and real estate began in 1963 when Mireille V. Léger, a dynamic businesswoman, obtained her agent’s licence and began her training in a Montreal real estate firm. When she received her broker’s licence, she founded IMMEUBLES LÉGER INC. and decided that the feather would be the LÉGER emblem and that the colors would be yellow, blue and white. In 1970, her husband, Fernand J. Léger, joined the company to help out on the administrative side.

Following the death of Mireille V. Léger in 1976, François Léger, her eldest child and an engineer by profession, took over the company. François obtained his broker’s licence in 1977 and, since then, has been the driving force behind Groupe Sutton Humania as president and broker. Éric Léger also caught the real estate “bug” and became a realtor in 1983. Their sisters, Marie-José and Louise, were also part of the team at that time. IMMEUBLES LÉGER INC. has always believed in contributing to the excellence and influence of the profession. Since he began his career in 1983, real estate has been second nature to Éric. With his university studies in real estate and his FRI designation, the highest distinction in the real estate field in Canada, Éric has perfected a different approach that is unique to ÉQUIPE LÉGER. This exceptional approach is the fruit of 32 years’ experience and enables the firm to ensure extraordinary service to its clients.

The team built by Éric is efficient and energetic, just like him. Each member has a specific role to play. The group shares work that is usually done by a single broker.

Éric Léger carries on the tradition of excellence established in 1963 by his mother, Mireille V. Léger. His innovative marketing approach and his professional rigor set him apart from the competition.

For more than 40 years, there is no doubt that the name LÉGER has been synonymous with “vast expertise” in the field of real estate in the Laurentians!

Équipe Léger’s team of real estate brokers are all passionate about real estate and reputed to be among the finest in the Laurentians. The team’s strength lies in their concern for the quality of service offered to its clients, for their reputation as true professionals and for their very up-to-date knowledge of the real estate market.